Come Home To Sarasota

housewhere the waves of the Gulf of Mexico gently lap the sandy beaches, sits the city of Sarasota, Florida. While it is a city full of culture and historical significance, it is a city with its sight set on protecting the environment for future generation. So, as it embraces its love for nature, the city offers a perfect place to enjoy a relaxing sunset along with a fun day on the golf course, an invigorating hike, or a bike ride through one of the county’s public parks. Along with Sarasota and her islands, the nearby cities of Venice, Nokomis, Osprey, and Englewood offer comfortable communities for you to live your life, the way you want.

Sarasota offers one of the best locations for world-class theatre, art, and music in the Southeastern United States. Owning a home or condo hre will bring you closer to this rich cultural atmosphere than you ever thought possible.

Here, you’ll be able to enjoy the Florida West Coast Symphony, the Sarasota Ballet, the Sarasota Opera, the John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art, the Sarasota Film Festival, and other wonderful events.

And as Sarasota has its finger on the pulse of historical art and music, it also moves towards the future through creating programs that encourage sustainable living. Because of the wonderful weather here, residents realize the importance of protecting the environment so that days spent swinging the clubs on the golf course, hiking or biking through the woods, or kayaking down the river can be enjoyed for years to come. Sarasota County has even begun rewarding homeowners and businesses as incentive to participate in recycling programs, which promise to keep the area beautiful. Being a friend to the environment is easy here in Sarasota or on one of her islands, along with the neighboring cities of Venice, Nokomis, Osprey, and Englewood.