Osprey Florida

Osprey FL real estate is filled with luxury estates. If you love the lavish lifestyle, then you’ll adore this area that sits just south of Sarasota. Named after the local aquatic bird-of-prey, Osprey is home to fantastic housing areas and fun recreational locations like…

  • Rivendell
  • The Oaks
  • Southbay and
  • Willowbend

What To Expect In Osprey Real Estate

Homes in Osprey FL vary from location to location, but prices start around the half million mark and can run into the multi-millions. You’ll find that much of the Osprey FL real estate includes not only luxury amenities but also the benefits of nature, such as pines, oaks and gumbo limbo trees that are indigenous to the area. Many of these locations were specifically designed to blend with man-made structures and the nature that surrounds them.

One of the most popular attractions, aside from world-famous shopping, golf and beaches, is Oscar Scherer State Park. This 1,384 acres area offers canoeing, swimming, campgrounds, nature trails, bicycle paths and picnic areas that you can enjoy year-round.